Seeking Silence Retreat

The Silent Retreat will simultaneously be a challenge and a blissful surrender. Hosted by Swami Alokananda, this retreat will run from Friday Nov 20 to Sunday Dec 1 at Serpentine Retreat Centre.



The very earliest mention of Yoga is found in the oldest of the Vedas of India, the Rig Veda. There it was described as a seated pose (Asana) used for meditation, which was used to experience the union (yoga) with the Supreme Consciousness, the Divine. All the branches of Yoga; Raja, Hatha, Kriya, Laya, Karma, Jnana and Bhakti, developed over time to facilitate this Union.

Here at Classical Yoga Perth, we have not forgotten the original aim of Yoga, and use all its systems, to help our students achieve this goal. ~ Swami Alokananda

The aim, simply, is the evolution and activation of the full human potential!

The dimensions of this are not the province of scholars, scientists, yoga teachers or even of the philosophers, but solely the domain of those who have actually realised it.

Along the path of Yoga to this goal, we practise loving kindness, good fellowship and selfless service together with postures, pranayama, meditation and cleansing practices.

There is a perfect Yoga Sadhana (prescription) for every individual, and they are not the same, which is why individual and personal guidance from a master is essential.

Swami Alokananda is such a guide! ~ Swami Ajnananda

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